Patrol Equipment:       3 upright poles at least 7' long, 2" minimum diameter.

                                    3 cross poles at least 4' long, 2" minimum diameter.

                                    7 lashing ropes at least l/4" diameter.


Starting Position:        Patrol rank formation beside assembled equipment (all poles together)


Finishing Position:      Patrol file, seated facing tripod.


Judges:                        A team of seven; time keeper and time‑recorder.


Maximum time:           10 minutes.


Contest:                       At signal "Go" from the timekeeper, build a tripod, all members of patrol participating.  Start each square lashing with a clove hitch on upright pole, use 3 wraps and 2 fraps, end with a clove hitch on the horizontal pole.  Each shear lashing should have 5 to 7 wraps and 2 fraps.


Judging:                      Lashings

Each tight, properly tied lashing                                                   4

One or more turns of rope missing,

out of place                                                                                   -1

Knots missing or out of place                                                       -1

Loose lashing                                                                       -1 or -2

Each of the seven lashing is to be scored separately

using the above point systems.


                                    General construction of tripod

Top of tripod centered over base, crossbars all horizontal

or uniformly aligned                                                                     12

Maximum deduction for off‑center construction (tower

easily tipped over)                                                                         -6

Maximum deduction for poor cross bar alignment                       -6


                                    Time to complete tower

When the patrol is finished and seated, the patrol leader calls out "Time" and the name of his patrol to the timekeeper.

Tower completed in 6 minutes or less                               10 points

                                                                       7 minutes or less                                      8 points

                                                                       8 minutes or less                                      6 points

                                                                       9 minutes or less                                      4 points

                                                                     10 minutes or less                                      2 points

                                                                     Over 10 minutes                                        0 points

                                    Total possible points                                                     50


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