Patrol Equipment:       Compass (Pathfinder or equivalent), pencil.


Other Equipment:        Topographic map with map symbols indicated and numbered, and with a Center Point identified; 16 numbered answer sheets; envelope.


Starting Position:        Patrol file, standing behind starting line.


Finishing Position:      Patrol file, sitting behind starting line.


Maximum Time:          10 minutes.


Judges:                        One per patrol; timekeeper.


Contest:                       Judge places answer sheets face down in a pile in front of the map.  At signal "Go" from the timekeeper, the first scout runs up and orients the map.  He then turns over the first answer sheet.  The answer sheet will have a number and will ask for a map symbol name, a bearing, or a distance.  The scout looks at the number on the answer sheet and finds the map symbol with this number on the map.  Depending on what the answer sheet asks for, he either finds the bearing from the Center Point to the numbered map symbol using a compass, estimates the distance from the Center Point to the Numbered map symbol to the nearest tenth mile, or determines the correct map symbol name.  He writes the correct answer on the answer sheet, gives it to the judge, returns to his patrol, and touches off the next scout.


Scoring:                       If the patrol finishes before the timekeeper calls "Time" at the end of 10 minutes, the judges puts down 2 points for time on the Map and Compass score sheet fro the patrol.  The judge puts the answer sheets and the Map and Compass score sheet (with patrol name and troop number) into an envelope and gives it to the Map and Compass Chief Judge for judging.  Using master answer sheets, the Chief Judge and his assistants give three points for each correct map symbol, bearing, and distance, for a total possible 48 points.  Bearings may be within 10 degrees of the actual bearing; distance may be within one tenth mile of the actual distance.


The following Map Symbols may be used on the contest:

_______ Bridge                      _______ Unimproved Road               _______ School

_______ Building                   _______ Gravel Pit                             _______ Stream

_______ Cemetery                  _______ Lake                                     _______ Swamp

_______ Church                     _______ Railroad                               _______ Trail

_______ Contour Line            _______ Hard Surface Road              _______ Woods


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