Patrol Equipment:       One 1/4" minimum diameter rope at least 6' long, ends whipped.  One pole at least 2' long.  Set of 6 knot cards.


Starting Position:        Patrol file formation, standing at home position.


Finishing Position:      Patrol file formation, seated at home position.


Maximum Time:          Nine minutes


Contest:                       A relay contest with each patrol tying each of the six knots correctly twice.  Clove hitch, timber hitch tautline, and two half hitches (all tied around a horizontal pole, knots may not be slipped over the end of the pole), bowline, square knot.  Judge mixes cards and places them face down at the judge's line 20' from the starting line in front of the patrol.  At the starting signal, the first scout runs forward.  The judge turns over the first card and reads the name of the knot.  The scout ties (or tries to tie) the knot and shows it to the judge.  He then runs back to touch off the next scout, while the judge unties the knot.  If the last scout tied the knot correctly, the judge turns over the next card and reads the name of the knot.  If the last scout did not tie the knot correctly, the judge asks the next scout to tie the same knot.  Patrol will be scored on the basis of time required to correctly tie the twelve knots.


Judging:                      If a scout declares he does not know the knot, have him return.  Do not let a boy who apparently does not know the knot but will not admit it struggle with a knot for more than half a minute before sending him back for the next scout.  One qualified judge is needed for each patrol.


Scoring:                       When the patrol is finished and seated the judge calls "Time".  The timekeeper calls out the time in minutes and seconds and the judge records the time on the patrol score sheet.  Compute score as follows:  Award 50 points to the patrol if it completed the relay in four minutes or less.  If not, determine the number of seconds over four minutes.  Divide the number by 6 (six) and subtract the answer from 50.  This calculation will result in the following sample scores:


                                                4 minutes                     50 points

                                                5 minutes                     40 points

                                                6 minutes                     30 points

                                                7 minutes                     20 points

                                                8 minutes                     10 points

                                                9 minutes                       0 points


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