Patrol Equipment:       Two blankets; gauze pads; two 3' splints; two 1' splints; 8 neckerchieves or bandages.


Starting Position:         Rank formation, standing in front of victim.  Victim is lying down.


Finishing Position:      Rank formation, sitting down.


Maximum Time:          10 minutes


Judges:                        One per patrol, one timekeeper


Contest:                       Judges hand the problem cards to the patrol leaders and head judge reads the problem to all the patrols.  Timekeeper calls "Go".  Patrol then gives needed first aid to the victim.  The "Call to the doctor" is made to the judge.  At the end of ten minutes, the timekeeper calls "Time".  (Note: time is not a factor in scoring of this contest, except that all patrols must stop the contest after 10 minutes).  The problem will require skills only from Tenderfoot Second Class and First Class.


Scoring:                       Each judge has an identical score sheet listing things to be looked for.  The possible score is 50 points.


Sample Score Sheet


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