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Long after that point, (around 12:15am), this picture was taken of Johnny having the stitches put in his hand.  Dave is being a great older brother and comforting Johnny while it's being done.  Of course Dave looks even more pale than Johnny does.  The reason it took so long was the initial doctors were concerned that as deep as the cut was they wanted to get a hand specialist involved, which took a LONG time to get there.  Johnny wound up with (I think), 8 stitches in his hand.  They stopped at McDonalds at 12:30am for dinner since they missed the really good food.

By the way, the doctor used square knots to tie the stitches.  She said that way too much time was spend in med school trying to teach students how to tie a square knot, and she was happy the Scouts all knew how to do it.

(And yes, both Johnny and his parents are ok with this picture being posted.  It's a good lesson for all Scouts)