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Since I used to run all of the Camporees for Metro Lakes District, part of Viking Council, I understand how difficult it is to not only come up with new ideas for Camporee themes, but to think up events, patches, and all of the other logistical headaches that people who just attend Camporees will never understand. Since I also am an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 33, and I am the Webmaster for their webpage, they are now sponsoring this page.

Ted's Camporees - Here are some of the Camporees that I did.  On each page I will list a summary of what was good, and what turned out not so good:

Other Camporees - Here are some Camporees that others have sent in:

Camporee Links Page - Here are some links to other Camporee items you may find of interest:

Patches Page - I have decided to add a page of just Camporee patches so that you can look at how other people designed their patches to make it easier to design their own patches.  I know that it is always one of the most difficult parts of the job for me.

Camporee 101 - Camporee 201 - Camporee 301 <- Class is in session on how to put on a Camporee



Ted McLaughlin - Ex Camporee Chairman for the Metro Lakes District which is a part of the Northern Star Council.  Located in Minneapolis, MN

mclaught@visi.com - Please email me with your ideas, tips, comments, etc. for Camporees.

Give me a call if you want to discuss something about this: (612) 845-3062.

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